WorkCover QLD

*** Coming Soon. ETA 2019 ***

Take WorkCover cases in Queensland? If you’re practicing in Queensland and are not taking these cases, maybe you should reconsider. With the Zurili integration, billing to WorkCover is extraordinarily easy*.

You can easily set up the parameters describing the billing for the client. Max visits, max spend etc so you can never inadvertently provide more service than WorkCover will pay. In fact, once you have set your default limits for WorkCover, it’ll be applied to every new client eliminating any room for error even with new staff.

Here are the steps:

  1. Create a B2B account with workcover
  2. Enter your B2B account username and password in Zurili

And you are ready to bill.


There is no fee to have this service. We bill a simple per-transaction fee so you only pay when you get paid. Only do one transaction in the year? Why should you pay the same as someone who does 50 transactions per week? Check our fees to see what our current low per-transaction fee is.

* WorkCover QLD integration is under development. Expected availability 2019. Contact us to check on progress if this is important to you, or follow us on Facebook.

Brendale, Queensland, Australia