Getting help in Zurili is easy, in fact we have six dimensions of help available.


Zurili has extensive online documentation. Every page has a dedicated support page.


There are setup and training videos on these help pages.


When setting up for the first time there are setup checklists for each module of Zurili. Just click the link to the module you would like to setup (eg: online booking, concierge, etc.). In the checklist make sure everything has a TICK. Any with a cross just click the edit button.


Help and feedback tab at the bottom right of every page in Zurili. This is where you can create a ticket and search for specific help pages.


Live chat tab allows you to talk to a real person. When someone is online it will appear at the bottom right of every page.


If you still need a hand setting up you can book a setup appointment with our setup assistant. Unlike the other five dimensions, which are free support, this is a paid service for their time.

We are here to help if you ever get stuck and we certainly want to hear your feedback.

Brendale, Queensland, Australia