Medicare / DVA

*** Coming Soon. ETA Spring/Summer 2018 ***

If you are a health practitioner billing in Australia, you don’t need any convincing of the need for direct billing to Medicare and DVA.*

Service includes:

  1. Bulk billing
  2. Patient Claims Store and Forward
  3. Patient Claims Interactive including Same Day Delete
  4. DVA Allied Health
  5. Online Veteran Verification
  6. Online Patient Verification Patient Verification Medicare

Now you can bill direct to DVA or EPC (now called CDM) and just get paid directly to your bank account. If there is any problem with the payment, you will be notified by Zurili so you can follow it up. No more waiting 6 months. Have the process completed in minutes. It’s a truely set-and-forget experience.


There is no fee to have this service. You just pay a small per-transaction fee meaning you only pay when you actually use this service.

* Note: this service is provided in conjunction with Spinalogic Australia. An account with Spinalogic is required. There is no additional fee for this account.

* Medicare / DVA integration is under development. Expected availability End 2018. Contact us to check on progress if this is important to you, or follow us on Facebook.

Brendale, Queensland, Australia