Marketing Multiplier

Marketing… all businesses do it one way or another… whether it be online, in the community or word of mouth.

So why do you as a practitioner market yourself?

Well it is pretty obvious, you want clients to be able to find you and book an appointment with you. That way you can help them and extend your reach in the community.

With Zurili’s Marketing multiplier, we don’t need you to change your marketing strategy. We literally multiply whatever you are currently doing by making it easy for your clients to do that last step, booking an appointment.

So once your current marketing works…

How do you make it easy for clients to book an appointment with you?

  • When they call you, do you answer? In the majority of cases if you can’t take their call the first time they will just try another practitioner down the road.
  • Do you offer online booking? 70% of millennials will chose to book with you over another practice if you offer online booking. Plus with many people being unable to call during business hours late night bookings are convenient and quickly becoming an expected luxury.
  • Do you have an arrival guarantee system in place making sure your clients turn up to their appointment without fail? Memory management is a problem for many and without SMS reminders appointments can easily be unintentionally forgotten by your clients.
  • Do you have a scatter book with lots of unused space but not quite enough space to see many new clients? If you want to build your business you need to have time set aside where new clients can always book in.

Here is how we do it:

Ensure clients can always book an appointment with you.






Brendale, Queensland, Australia