Live Sync

Our Live Sync tool, called the Syncrotron, continuously keeps your local database in sync with Zurili.

If you already have your clients and appointments in an existing system that’s working for you, there is no need for a disruptive change, just open a free account with Zurili and download the Syncrotron. After you follow a simple wizard, your clients and appointments will start syncing.

The initial sync may take 5-60 minutes depending on the size of your site, but after that, each re-sync only takes seconds, rechecking every 60 seconds so you’re never out of step. If you lose internet at your site or your server goes down you still have all your clients and appointments safe and sound in Zurili. Once your connection comes back, the sync will resume and you’ll be back as if nothing ever happened.

Zurili can complement and extend your existing system with new features. It makes it easy to have these new features without ever leaving the comfort of your existing system. But if you do change your local system and Zurili can sync with both, it makes for easy data transfer.

Currently Zurili supports sync with the following systems:

Supported software

– Spinalogic
– Cliniko
– Capable
– Capable 21C
– Front Desk
– ChiroTouch

Coming soon

– Simple Clinic*

* Integration takes two weeks, we just need your support! Contact us if you’re interested.


Brendale, Queensland, Australia