Cloud Calls

Cloud calls in Zurili is our in-built VOIP system. It frees you dramatically from tethering landlines. As always, you can use as much or as little as you like.

How it works

  • You can buy a VOIP number in any locality that you like with a choice of numbers. This is the way you receive calls in Zurili.
  • Your new VOIP number can then be your public-facing number or you can keep your current caller ID and and set up a redirect from your existing number to your new VOIP number.
  • Receive calls from anywhere and anytime you are logged in to your site (with the right privileges) on your PC or Mac. You just take the call using any headset and set the ringer to a loud speaker attached to your computer. Some headsets allow you to answer the call by picking up the headset from the base, just like an old landline.
  • All calls are then logged in the clients record.

What is so special about Zurili cloud calls?

  • Keep your current caller ID for incoming and outgoing calls
  • You can receive and make calls anywhere and anytime you have an internet connection – at work, at home, at your assistant’s home. And if you can’t take the call, you have many redirect options – voicemail, send to other number, send to concierge and combinations of these as it works for you.
  • As many lines as you want – You can receive as many incoming calls as you have people to answer them. There is no limitation of ‘incoming lines’ anymore.
  • All calls incoming or outgoing are logged and saved to your client record
  • If the call is from a client or a previously connected number, you will see the history of all communication with that client or number as you’re on the call.
  • You can chose to keep call recordings. This allows you to easily monitor calls for training purposes, verbal agreements or keeping track of previous phone calls with clients.
  • Calling a client just takes one click, just find them and click the ‘call’ button. No manual dialling.
  • Missed a call? Open the call event and click ‘call back’. Just one click!
  • Calling a non-client number? Just key it in and click ‘dial’. You’ll still have the call logged just like a client call only it’s indexed only by the number. If you later add that number to a client, the call will then link to the new client.
  • Cloud calls help you to eliminate memory management with unified communication.


To make or receive cloud calls, you first need to buy a call-enabled number. The fees for numbers vary between countries but are very reasonable. The phone line is a monthly fee. Then you just pay per phone call made, varying per county and if it is a mobile or landline call, incoming or outgoing call. Check the fees on our pricing page. If you country is not listed, please contact us, we are adding support for more countries all the time.

Brendale, Queensland, Australia