Image Storage

Zurili offers unlimited free storage of images attached to your visit notes. The images are stored as an exact original copy but also as web-optimized versions of the original to allow them to load blazingly fast, even on slow networks like mobile phones or remote rural settings.

Specifically Zurili will handle png, jpg, gif and most other formats. You can even view the details of the original including metadata, resolution, and colour format. DICOM images (medical imaging) have special handling.

Uploading images is easy and fast. Just drop the images onto the note and they will upload as fast as your network can transfer them, usually seconds. If you are on a mobile device, it is easy to take a picture and have it immediately upload, save and secure on your company account, not stored on your personal phone. This puts the images where they belong – where you can access them but they are secure.


Free. Yes. Really.

Brendale, Queensland, Australia