Fort-Knox Secure

Having your data available anywhere doesn’t mean it is not secure.

In collaboration with some of the worlds greatest minds in security, Zurili uses the latest in cutting-edge Open Security Protocols, often with multiple layers of protection.

Our servers are registered in the Australian Signals Directorate Certified Cloud Services List.

Open security protocols are the ones that are published publicly so any holes are quickly identified and patched before they even get used to protect your valuable data. Proprietary security protocols in contrast typically depend on obscurity to ‘protect’ data rather than real security. These protocols will eventually be breached.

We use multiple layers of security to protect you in various ways. First, we require you have a strong password to secure your account. Then, you set the roles for each user to determine what they can and cannot do in your account. Any data that is sent over the internet is always encrypted from end-to-end so only the intended recipient can read them protecting you from so-called ‘man-in-the-middle attacks’. Finally, when we store your data in our multiple databases, it is again encrypted and stored under secure passwords that are regularly rotated.

In addition, all credit card information is stored according to industry-standard PCI-DSS regulations – the same ones that banks and credit card providers are required to abide by. You can’t ever access stored card details other than the last 4 digits and expiry date.

It really is Fort-Knox secure.

But that doesn’t mean it’s hard to use. In fact, all that high-tech security wizardry is kept well under the covers so you don’t need to make any effort, just rest easy knowing security is taken care of for you.

Brendale, Queensland, Australia