Do I need to stop using my current software to use Zurili?

Absolutely not. You’ve spent years getting your systems working well for you. Zurili is not intended as a replacement for your existing practice management system. Rather it is designed to augment it.

What are the key features of Zurili?

– Your appointments online for you to access from anywhere anytime
– Online bookings for your clients
– Concierge service to take calls for you when you can’t
– Detailed logs of all calls with your clients

How does Zurili work with my existing system?

You download our special sync software to run on your server or front desk pc and it works tirelessly to keep all your appointments in perfect sync.

Is it really free??

Yes ­čÖé You only pay for our paid services such as calls, online bookings and concierge. And those are funded in a pre-paid manner so you never spend more than you permit.

Can I get rid of my phone system?

If you want to. Zurili gives you unlimited ‘lines’ in and out and you can receive and make all your calls on your PC or Mac. You will eliminate phone line monthly fees, call fees and phone system maintenance costs.

What about my phone number?

If you want to use our telephony services, you will buy a new local number. You can choose to use that as your public-facing number if you want, or redirect your existing number to that new number.

Will the concierge really care for my clients?

Yes. And if not, tell us straight away and we will address training or get you another. As much as possible, we use the same concierge to take your calls so they can build a relationship with your clients. With every concierge call recorded and stored for 180 days, you can check for yourself and be sure.

But Zurili is not free, the Concierge is a substantial cost.

Zurili is free, but the Personal Concierge Service is a real person in your region. Expect to pay human-resource costs. But you don’t have recruitment costs, training costs, holiday considerations, taxation obligations or any of the other complexity that usually goes with hiring. And, you only pay them for the minutes they are on the phone actually providing benefit to your business, not from 9-5.

What if I don’t like Zurili and don’t want to use it.

Just stop using our service. There is no lock-in of any kind. Stay if we are providing value to your business.

I have a slow network. Is that a problem?

No. Our software design is extremely efficient which means fast. So long as you have a network connection, you will be fine. We also use local ‘edge servers’ near your physical location to cache your data which gives remarkable performance. Even with a basic internet connection, you will find us faster than most┬ádesktop applications.

Telephony is a little more demanding on your network. You will need 0.01 Mbps in both upload and download for each concurrent active call. This is very little but you may want to check first with http://speedtest.net.

Is my data secure?

Yes. All communication with our application is ‘https’ meaning it’s encrypted from end-to-end. In addition, our servers use current best-practice strategies to keep your data safe and sound and only accessible to you and to those you designate.

I’m hopeless with computers. Will I be able to use it?

If you can send an email you’ll have no trouble using Zurili.

How do I get up and running?

Just click the ‘Sign up’ button at the top of this page to open an account and click the confirmation link in the email we send you. Once you login, you will see a link that says ‘Get Started’. Just click that.

And, at the top of every page is a help button. Click that at any time you get stuck.

You won’t need your credit card until you want to enable one of our paid services.

How do I get help?

Every page has a help link with detailed description of how to get things done. There is also searchable help and live chat support. You can even send us an email.

I want feature XYZ that you don’t have

Cool. Let us know about it. We are always working to make our services better for you. Click the ‘feedback’ tab at the bottom of any page and let us know.

I need you to sync with software ABC that you don’t list

Sweet. Let us know what you’re using. If it’s even a bit popular, we’ll add it to our list of synced software.

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