Credit Card Billing

Want to take payments by credit card? No need for an old-skool terminal and bank relationship. Create an account with Stripe, enter your Stripe key into Zurili and you are taking credit card payments in five minutes. And that is no exaggeration.

But not only that, your payments are directly recorded to the client file so you don’t need to take the payment on a terminal then record it in Zurili. It’s the same action.

Token Payments

If the client agrees, you can then save a token representing the card so you can bill it next time without the client having to present the card or enter the details another time. This saves a lot of time making payment transactions complete in seconds with only a couple of clicks and no card required.

Of course all this is fully secure using the industry-standard PCI-DSS. You can’t ever access card details other than the last 4 digits and expiry date.

Card Scanning

If you are using a mobile device with iOS or Android, like an iPad, iPhone or Samsung phone or tablet, you can scan the cards directly using the inbuilt camera. Just add the CVN (3 or 4 digit card code) and you’re done. Store the token for next time too.

Mobile payments have never been easier.


There is no monthly or ongoing fee to have this service. You just pay a small per-transaction fee meaning you only pay when you actually use this service.

Brendale, Queensland, Australia