Book a Consult

Requesting a demo is the fastest, most effective way to determine if Zurili will work for you and your team. Zurili is the platform for appointment-based businesses that care about creating modern, easy and fun experiences.

30-Minute Demo

We will spend 10 minutes discussing your business needs and outlining your requirements to solve them. Our team will then look to demonstrate how those needs can be solved with our software platform. You can book online here.

Invite other members of your organization if you would like to include them. Our goal is to help you get to a fast yes or a fast no as to whether or not the Zurili platform will meet your business needs.

Zurili Setup Consultation 

Need some help getting Zurili set up just right for your site? Our resident expert Jenna can help you! Book online (using Zurili of course!) or email her at

Read the FAQ’s so you know how to prepare and your time is efficiently spent. All the setup will be done on your computer with Jenna logged in remotely and you are present watching while talking on the phone. This way you get everything set up quickly but are in full control of the results.

Book 90 min for a full setup or 30 or 60 min if you have most of it done already. The fee is AUD$55 per 30 min or part thereof.

You can call us too…

Don’t like online booking? Feel free to call one of our friendly concierges to book an appointment. Just call: (07) 3473 7000


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