What we do

We have a special emphasis on making it easy for clients to book without you lifting a finger and for you to get paid straight away.
To do that we have call answering, online booking, automated reminders, clinical notes, document filing, direct integration with HICAPS, DVA, Medicare, WorkCover QLD and stripe for card payments without a merchant facility. Less time on admin means less staff costs and more time on the things you enjoy.
Zurili is everything you need to run your practice, but because we integrate with existing software you can keep what you have and just add on the bits you want.
Use your pc mac tablet or phone – anywhere, anytime. Fast, secure, reliable and easy to use.

Marketing Multiplier

Clients are the lifeblood of your business. In today’s world it must be fast, easy and convenient to book appointments with you. Especially for new clients.
When booking is easy and immediate your marketing will double in effectiveness while you just sit on the couch!

Booking Optimisation Super System

We call this ‘the BOSS’. It uses simple and flexible rules in your appointment book, so you can maximise your day and time.
Many practices have a scatter-book where appointments are booked anywhere with lots of unused space in between. Using the BOSS in Zurili appointments are automatically block-booked and exactly where you want them to be without any errors or training!
Now you can make your appointment book work how you want it to rather than making your practice work to fit the booking system.

Call answering

One of the keys to making it easy to book with you is answering your phone. If there is any time during business hours that your calls are missed or go to voicemail, you are losing business. New clients will just hang up and try the next office. With our call answering service, you can commit to always taking calls. Some sites using Zurili don’t even have a receptionist.

Online booking

The second key to making it easy to book with you is online booking. Imagine going home at night and arriving the next day with new clients booked in while you sleep! This is normal when you have online booking. Some people, in fact 70% of Millennials will prefer to book with you this way even during business hours. All the better for you since it removes the admin cost of taking their call.

Arrival Guarantee System

Using automated SMS reminders, you can ensure your initial consults turn up to appointments 97% of the time. When new clients book you send them a message to confirm their booking, 24 h before their appointment and 1 hour before their appointment. All without lifting a finger.

New Possibilities

Never miss a new client call

Only pay for what you use

Consolidate multiple sites

Automated SMS reminders

So much more than basic appointment reminders. You can send a follow-up message to check-in and see how your client went after seeing you for the first time. Maybe an automated message if your client cancels their appointment 2 weeks later with an online booking link.
You aren’t limited to sending just to the client. Automations can also send reminders to your practitioner/service provider to keep them on track too.
Automating your business means you can trim down on repetitive tasks and unnecessary operations, while your clients love you for it.

Get Paid Straight Away

Getting paid today should be easy. With Stripe integration, you can start taking credit and debit card payments after 5 minutes setup time. All you need is Zurili and an internet connection, no EFTPOS machine or card swiping abilities. Just scan the card with your phone or tablet camera. Payments over the phone? No problem. Payments when offsite? Easy. Payment after Skype consult? We got you covered.

Get Paid by Others

In health care, direct billing of third party payers saves you time, makes life easier for your patients and let’s you get money in the bank faster. Now fully integrated with HICAPS go, Medicare, DVA, WorkCover Qld and ACC NZ.

Cloud Calls

With our fully-integrated voip system, you can have your telephone anywhere you have an internet connection. Eliminate traditional limiting clunky telephone systems by simply plugging a headset into your computer or laptop. Unlimited ‘phone lines’ come as standard. Log and record all your calls.

Perfect for

Health Care Providers Including Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Naturopaths, Occupational Therapists, Podiatrists, Chinese Medicine Practitioners, Osteopaths, Massage Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Personal Trainers.

Unified Communication

Communication with your clients is over many channels: calls, sms, email, face-to-face. Now you can unify all these into one log of communication in your client’s record. No more switching between Outlook, mobile phone and written records to see who said what to whom and when.

Access Everything, Anywhere, Anytime

You and your staff don’t live in your office so don’t be limited by it. With your appointments in the cloud, you and your team can make appointments, check your schedules or review cases anywhere and anytime that you have an internet connection. No longer to you have to search different places to find what you want. Everything is in one place and that place is where you are right now.

Document your visits

Upload visit notes, pictures taken from your phone, pdfs, images, even DICOM medical imaging. Upload is fast, easy and secure. Instant preview of documents lets you preview them super fast even without downloading.


Instantly switch between your different sites for bookings, financial review, even making calls from that site.


Live sync – use what you want


Free for basic use


Pay for what you use






Communication history





Easy to start

In Zurili we have made it really easy to get started. You can setup everything yourself for free using our setup checklists, online documentation, setup and training videos. But if you just want someone to do it for you you can book an appointment with our professional setup consultant.


Just because you can get your data anytime you want, doesn’t mean others can. Security is Job Zero at Zurili. In other words, we design for security before we even start anything else. Using a multi-layered approach, all your communication is encrypted and data secured using up-to-date security protocols.

Six Dimensions of Help Available

We are here to help if you ever get stuck and we certainly want to hear your feedback. Support in Zurili is free so you know someone will always be there to help.

Keep what you have

If you want to switch to Zurili for all your admin needs that’s fine. But you don’t have to. You can use any part of Zurili that fills the gaps in your existing system. Keep using what’s already working for you and just bolt-on Zurili to upgrade your system. Our Live Sync will keep your existing system constantly updated as people book online and vice-versa so no double bookings.


Zurili integrates directly with existing on-premise software. If yours in not on the list, talk to us and we’ll add it!

  • Spinalogic
  • Front Desk
  • Capable
  • Capable 21C
  • Cliniko
  • ChiroTouch
  • ChiroSoft
  • PMPP

All appointments and clients are fully synced both ways so you can continue to use what you’re comfortable with while enjoying the simplicity and new possibilities of Zurili. It’s a truly no-risk integration. Lose nothing, gain everything.

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We've been delivering quality software to the health care industry globally since 2003.

Brendale, Queensland, Australia